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The Nutrients for the plants are dissolved in the hydroponics systems water supply. The nutrient solution consists mainly out of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (N-P-K). Plants need various growth influencing factors (GIF's) in order to absorb and utilize N-P-K. GIF’s are things such as light, oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH, temperature and humidity. There are a wide variety of plant nutrients available on the market. Many of them readily consist of the right chemicals needed for different growing stages. If you’re new to hydroponic growing it is best to stick with these, as the nutrients contain many chemicals and can be tricky to mix.

Selecting a Nutrient

Hydroponic nutrients can be bought in powders or liquids in a wide variety of parts.  These parts combined should give you a proper balanced nutrition for your garden or plant species.  The 2 and 3 part products are preferred by hydroponic growers, simply because they are easy to use and are widely available in gardening stores.  The two and three stage nutrients also allow you to fine tune you’re solution to fit every plant through different stages of growth. Growers can also adjust and control the pH more easily as the solution can be mixed in different percentages. Maintaining the right nutrient concentration is essential when growing hydroponically, as plants in the hydroponic system rely solely on this for nutrition. A too strong solution can burn routs, whilst with an weak solution plants can suffer from various deficiencies. Both can have adverse affects on your pH, affecting your crops health and yield.
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