Boreholes Johannesburg

Make the decision to excavate a borehole is an extremely responsible one, and boreholes Johannesburg has numerous benefits for a property, whether it is a private property, your family home, or a property used for business purposes.

Being independent of the municipal water supply, and ensuring an uninterrupted source of clean, safe water is a situation that has obvious advantages – economic advantages, in that once the borehole is installed the water supply is virtually free, and also the benefit of convenience and freedom from disruption especially in areas where the local water supply is erratic.

Boreholes Johannesburg
Boreholes Johannesburg

You will be in control of your own water source, and in a country where drought is a frequent severe problem this is also ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly.

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Once you have made the decision to install a borehole, you have to make another equally important one : the choice of a borehole installer in Johannesburg who will offer you service excellence based on experience and expertise. we are an irrigation company with many years of experience in borehole installation, and we can guarantee you the peace of mind that comes when you can completely trust the service that you are receiving.

Irrigation Johannesburg
Irrigation Johannesburg

Boreholes Johannesburg

Whether the boreholes Johannesburg is to be excavated on private domestic property or property used for commercial or community purposes, we will carry out the drilling of the vertical shaft with the minimum of mess and disruption, an important point to consider because an excavation of this depth and concentration could result in considerable chaos and danger if not carried out properly and safely. We will also install your pump and well screen with care and precision.

Proper efficient excavation is also economically important because it ensures a well-executed borehole that will be reliable and save you money rather than being a drain on your finances by requiring costly repairs a few years into the future. Even if you use it only for irrigation, a borehole can account for considerable financial savings.

You must also carefully consider the issue of whether or not your borehole water will be safe for household consumption. In most areas of Johannesburg this is in fact the case, but comprehensive scientific testing must be carried out on samples of your borehole water before you can confidently and safely use it. We will provide water-testing services, using professional and reputable laboratories, as part of your installation, so that you need have no fears in this regard. Boreholes Johannesburg also provide a continuing information service to our clients, because water testing should be carried out annually if you need installations or repairs, and this task can be left in our expert hands for your complete safety and peace of mind.